Monday, September 21, 2015

Paul Revere

Some pictures of the Church that Paul Revere signaled with lanterns warning of the impending attack by British troops.

 The two windows side by side where the lanterns signals were sent to the other side of the river.

 Many people lined up to enter the church. 

 Pipe organ in the church is still working.

Old clock still working as the time was right.

The church interior was pristine white.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Faneuil Hall 
   I took these pictures July 2nd.  Too bad the cherry picker was in the picture but the city is setting up for the July 4th. celebrations.
   Since 1742, Faneuil Hall has served as a public marketplace and meeting hall for the town of Boston. It is the site of numerous famous speeches over the years from such freedom seekers as Samuel Adams, Frederick Douglas, and Lucy Stone. Now run by Boston National Historical Park, it serves as the start of the Freedom Trail and street level market stalls still operate much as they would have in 1812. Summer Scholars will visit the Great Hall of Faneuil Hall to take part in a town meeting to debate the declaration of war in 1812.

Faneuil Hall - Samuel Adams Monument

Samuel Adams Monument

Our Boston Massachusetts Tour

   The Old State House is a historic building in Boston, Massachusetts, at the intersection of Washington and State Streets. Built in 1713, it was the seat of the Massachusetts General Court until 1798, and is one of the oldest public buildings in the United States.
The Massachusetts Town House: seat of colony government 1713–1776
The Massachusetts State House: seat of state government 1776–1798
Boston’s City Hall 1830–1841
Period of commercial use 1841–1881
The Bostonian Society and the museum 1881–present

         I took so many pictures I cannot post all of them, so here is a few I took in Boston, Hyannis and Plymouth.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Lots of fun at Wizard World 2015 Toronto

Grand Children having a great time at Wizard World in the Better Living Centre at the Toronto CNE March 19th.